Providing Unique Holidays to Remember

All-inclusive holidays for the over 60s

We create a full itinerary for every holiday (gently paced, of course) with a variety of carefully chosen daily excursions . All entrance fees are included in the holiday & a friendly tour manager travels with you to ensure that everything runs like clockwork!

We do get really involved in (and excited about) planning our days out! We want our customers to come home feeling that they’ve “been somewhere different” & “done something new”. Wasn’t it Michelangelo (at the age of 87) who said “I am still learning”? We believe it’s good to stay curious!

Also, fear not, while we do like to get out and about, you won’t be rushing around – please rest assured that everything proceeds at a very relaxed pace. A few of our customers bring ‘wheely walkers’ and they can still cope nicely with our holidays!

While we’re out together visiting places, we feel it only makes sense to include a light lunch as well and we do lots of research to find lovely venues: seaview cafés, traditional tearooms, historic inns …

Customers often say how nice it is not to have to hunt around for somewhere to eat on their own, and how being together for a light lunch also helps to create the friendly atmosphere that we have on our holidays.

Over the years we have become more and more in awe of just how beautiful and varied the U.K. is and we aim to reflect this in our all-inclusive holiday program, just contact us via our website or call our freephone for a full brochure.

“The holidays are expertly organised. Looking forward to the next one”

“I do appreciate not having to look around for somewhere to have lunch…so glad I found you.”

“I love not having to worry about getting to and from the holiday and meeting new and old friends”

“I think ‘Dragonfly’ provide a lovely holiday without any worries

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve travelled with you!”