Our history

Providers of all inclusive holidays since the 1990s

Our company was founded in 1990 by a young woman in her early 20s. She had a Quaker heritage & a degree in philosophy and was curious to discover whether it was still possible (in a highly materialistic age and competitive business environment) to run a business successfully without compromising her own values. In the West Midlands at the time there were still strong memories locally of the old Quaker-run industries, like Cadburys.

She discovered something that actually doesn’t seem particularly extraordinary nowadays as (happily) “ethical businesses” have now become very much in vogue. The discovery was the simple fact that if your main focus (above all else) is on looking after your customers well then they will stay with you!

So, following this principle, Dragonfly has grown organically over the years mainly by word of mouth. We have enjoyed organising holidays for many different groups and individuals and hold treasured memories of the many customers over the past 30 years who have made us who we are.

“The holidays are expertly organised. Looking forward to the next one”

“I do appreciate not having to look around for somewhere to have lunch…so glad I found you.”

“I love not having to worry about getting to and from the holiday and meeting new and old friends”

“I think ‘Dragonfly’ provide a lovely holiday without any worries

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve travelled with you!”