Dragonflies and their wetland habitats

Photo by Stijn Dijkstra, The Netherlands

Why the name?

Our ethereal figurehead, the beautiful dragonfly first took to the sky around 300 million years ago. Long before the dinosaurs walked the earth there were giant dragonflies with wingspans like eagles.

The name originally came from our founder’s lifelong love affair with dragonflies, but over time it has also come to reflect our vision and ethos perfectly….

Dragonflies spend at least the first two thirds of their life busying away at the bottom of the pond as nymphs. It is only in their third age that they emerge from the pond, cast off their old skin, and emerge iridescent and beautiful, flying high for their final glorious age. A beautiful vision of elders that we hold in the light.

But, these beautiful creatures are now suffering along with so many other species on earth. Habitat destruction and the effects of climate change are currently threatening their survival – data collected by the British Dragonfly Society show over a third of dragonfly species are in decline.

While we wait (and wait) for the leaders of our plant to wake up, we want to spread the message that even now, it is not too late for humanity to rethink our connection with this extraordinary planet, to live in alignment with nature, to become the gentle custodians of the earth.
Through our all-inclusive holidays, many of our customers have already taken dragonflies to their hearts, collecting and wearing dragonfly jewellery, and learning more about the beautiful creature we have adopted as our figurehead.
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